For local small businesses, Local SEO is relevant because it is a search category specifically tailored for local businesses. Personally, when they felt bad about investing in Thumbtack, I think that Google created the category, but that’s a personal opinion.

Local SEO for local businesses is
The first thing you need to do is rely on Google My Business for your business. Make sure all of the data you submit is correct. Some important stuff to remember

Using high-resolution images for banners and sample items may be damaging to your company using something else.
Make sure you select the appropriate category for your company.
Make sure that the company address on all websites is the same and accurate.
Complete the information on Google My Business as accurately as possible, do not leave anything out
Pro Tip: Get real customer reviews, do not make them up.
To get highly skilled traffic using Schema Markup for Local Business
On your Position tab, use a Google Map and make sure that you embed the map
Complete and ensure that your Search Engine snippets are valid
Ensure the website is compatible with mobile devices
Get local directory lists to make sure you have consistent company citations with other directories.
Directories and Local SEO Citations
Yelp – really it’s fast and free to get a company page on Yelp. Make sure, as you did on Google My Business, that you put the correct address and information on Yelp.
Thumbtack – like yelp, easy and free listings.
Yellow Pages, easy to get free listings, just like the two above. Make sure your phone is close you so your company listing can be confirmed easily.
Angielist.com is also a free directory of listings and asks you for a description, which is great. Don’t be idle and try anything longer to post.
On this list by Moz, get more website citations.
Local SEO should be something the owner of a small business should do, so let us know if you want it included with your website kit.