We’re enjoying it! You are tired of dealing with SEO companies for eCommerce who do not meet their lofty commitments. You’re fed up with “SEO experts,” billable hours, and sub-par search results. That’s why we’ve been building SEOZealand. We were tired of seeing major ad companies ripping off eCommerce firms that were driving their customers into paying spending (the only thing they know how to do effectively). At SEOZealand, we concentrate on your business vision and eCommerce ambitions and develop plans that will continue to work now and into the future. That’s why we should promise outcomes. To meet your business ambitions, we’ll stop at nothing, even though it means investing the whole budget to do so. So I encourage you to stop spending your hard-earned bucks on a not-hard-working ad plan.

We’ve been at the forefront of the eCommerce SEO service since the first widget was offered online. We’re here to assist, whether you want a brand new eCommerce platform, whether you need help improving your current campaign. Our award-winning SEO experts from eCommerce are here to help!

Many companies rely on vanity metrics such as “additional traffic” or “impressions.” While it is necessary to look at these metrics to generate patterns, we concentrate on the actual metrics that matter… money kid! Every step of the way, we will remain focused on ensuring you get a positive ROI.

At SEOZealand, our heroes are our clients. In each decision that we make, we use our customer-centered approach. If this isn’t right for you, so it’s not going to be good for us. We truly do take that to heart, and you’ll see how valuable you really are after working with us.

They had just launched their online presence when they first approached us and were collaborating with another digital marketing firm that was not producing results. The Packaging Lab is one of the few businesses in the world that, with no minimum order quantity needed, can deliver custom packaging with delivery time of as little as one business day. They saw their first 23,000 package order coming in in the first 90 days after SEOZealand began working with them.

Although our pricing model was streamlined, we didn’t simplify our tactics. For the website we’re working on, we tailor every single campaign. No two firms are the same; why is it going to be your strategy? We’ll even teach you along the way with SEOZealand, so you know WHAT we do and WHY we do it. You’ll get to see a monthly update detailing numbers, finished activities and scheduled tasks. You’re going to have to work with ONE project manager who’s going to be a new best friend of yours and get to meet the people working on your campaign. As long as you work with us, we guarantee that you’ll feel as unique as the organization you’re creating.

The solutions of SEOZealand for each and every user are genuinely one of a kind and custom-built. We’ll start by evaluating your exposure, rankings, and priorities organically. We’ll perform extensive keyword analysis on all of your product pages after reviewing your website. We will ensure that our copy team takes over and creates original material that delights search engines and the final customers after we have created the technique. We’ll start to see your website blast by your rivals after a few short months of consistent content management, landing page optimization and link creation. Finally, we will calculate and monitor the consequences that matter to your company and provide a comprehensive account of the work that has been done.

To run a good SEO campaign, SEOZealand knows just what it takes. We have the resources required to get the job done, whether your criteria are eCommerce SEO, lead generation or conversion rate optimization. The equivalent to building a fantastic body, but not going to the pool, is building a place without SEO! Your website is your storefront, as an eCommerce activity, and we need to ensure that people buy now!