Online Marketing Solutions

That describes you best among the following…
Is your company failing to get new clients, and is going for you nothing you’re trying?
Sick of selling money wasting and having no return?
You don’t have a campaign budget, but you know deep down that you need to devote money and have a plan?
Your company turnover has for a long time been stagnant at the same amount and it doesn’t matter what you do, can’t you grow?
A organization is distinct and has specific criteria and priorities. That’s why the SEO Zealand does not sell SEO kits for cookie cutters. The internet marketing landscape has shifted and there are a much wider variety of solutions available to showcase your company online and make your phone ring.

Using a variety of online solutions, we specialize in producing highly selective leads!
We want to hear a little about you first before you ask us for a quote and that’s why we’re asking for your phone number. We want to know about your company and your web marketing needs when we ring you;

The name of your website (domain) and if it operates correctly.
What company/niche you are in and where you are based.
How long have you been working in industry for?
What your goods and/or services are and which of those are most important to you.
What are your clients, and which clients do you want best?
Where the clients are , where they hang out.
In the past, you hired an SEO company and how did it work for you?
How are you attracting new clients at the moment?
What is marketing doing now and have a proposal for you.
If you’ve got one, what is your marketing budget?
You do have a campaign strategy and want it to be executed by an expert.
What testing do you have (if any in place to ensure you get a perfect ROI? (Return on Investment)
What you intend to do.
To decide the best online approach for your particular company, we will speak with you about all of these issues.

It’s only when we grasp the answers to these questions that we will provide you with a unique strategy and quote that will get you far closer to your company goals and aspirations; some of the solutions we provide include;

Search Engine Optimization 
Control of Web Credibility
Penalty Recovery for Google
Control of Google Adwords
Advertisement on Google Display
Optimisation and rating of Google Maps
Re-marketing promotions by Google
Marketing video
Generating leads
Publicity on Facebook
Re-marketing strategies for Facebook
Conversion techniques for websites
Repairs to the website and updates
Some users need a new website, others only need a few hours of our time to repair something that is wrong and others need continuing web optimization services to get to the top of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), otherwise known as the top of Google’s first page and keep there! We have consumers asking for lead generation and even some who need control of Google Adwords because their online image has been trashed. Some people come to us. SEO Zealand will assist, whatever the cause.

If you want to excel online, you need long-term thinking. Many people come to us with the expectation of a fast remedy. They ask, “How long will it take to be ranked?” “or when can I get to Google’s first list.” The reason is that no answer exists. You may even ask yourself, “How long is a piece of string?” The truth is it depends on the strategy that all of us agree on. Some decisions are going to get you some very good wins, others can take longer.

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Please do not ask us for promises on going to the top of Google’s first list.

When there are so many considerations involved, it is difficult to provide a promise, and some of these are entirely beyond our influence. Your homepage is the first of these variables. From day one, we need access to it so we can get started on what is called on-page SEO immediately. On your website, there is so much that can be done to help you get ranked and also improve your conversion performance. Some of these will take a lot of time, depending on the scale and condition of the website, but the outcomes can be nothing short of incredible.

Google itself is the second and main aspect that is beyond our influence. Per year, Google makes over 500 algorithm changes and 3 or 4 of these are important changes. We never know when a tactic that now succeeds unexpectedly becomes a black hat and Google bans it. We are however a part of a number of global online marketing communities that are actively monitoring updates from Google so that we can react quickly to any changes. Since 2009, we have been in the online marketing room, so they are experts in this area.

Anyone who gives assurances these days is either blindly ignorant of the influence of Google or attempting to persuade you to waste your hard earned money on them.

You have to take a long-term outlook if you want to thrive in business. Much like you have budgets for any other aspect of your company, you need to have an online marketing strategy and a budget. Both company books say that your marketing campaign needs to devote 10 percent of your turnover. You don’t just need a strategy, however you need to monitor the outcomes so that you completely understand what works and what’s not. There are a lot of trackable online options and you can quickly see how the scheme performs.

The Yellow Pages, remember? If you’ve been in business for a while, you can recall that putting your ad on the Yellow Pages was one of the few marketing tactics that succeeded. You had Heaven and Earth moving every year to plan and pay for your print ad. Anybody who missed the deadline was potentially in for a really lean year.

Businesses have been shifting their ad budgets to the Internet since the Yellow Pages stopped operating. Effective organizations take a long-term approach to either hire people to take care of this for them, or engage an ongoing SEO and internet marketing agency to ensure that these activities are done to bring ample volumes of traffic to their website and that this traffic transforms into paying clients.

SEO Zealand is not yet another SEO business at a regular price selling a standard kit. A couple of years ago, this idea stopped working. This is the reason why you don’t get results from other SEO firms.

The world of the online world has gotten even more dynamic. Your organization is different and it wants its own approach. In order to expand your business, we have been around since 2009 and offer a complete online marketing solution.

Why do you think we’ve been ranked number one on our own website for over 6 years because of its big SEO keywords?
In New Zealand, we’re the best…