NZ Google Penalty Recovery Service

If your traffic has taken a hit, you will likely fall short of a Google algorithm or update it without even knowing it.

How could this have occurred?


  • Have you previously hired an SEO company? If so, they could have triggered a Google penalty
  • Have you copied other site content? If the content on your site is not good and original, the Google guidelines may be abused
  • Optimization and keyword stuffing (it is incredible how often I still see it!)
  • Is everything working on your site? Broken pages, unworkable forms and other technical errors could be a problem
  • Site loading speed and mobile reaction problems

Google Sanctions fall into two major categories;

You used manipulative methods to increase your rankings of your sites or Your website offers visitors looking for your goods and services a poor user experience.


You will be aware of the Panda and Penguin algorithms and they still roll unannounced in 2019. These and other algorithms are primarily Google’s website rules. Fall in violation of their rules and Google will hit you hard. The most obvious ways to tell if a penalty has been received are;


  • Loss of rankings between 10 and 100 points
  • Your guides are drying up
  • Traffic to your site is declining dramatically
  • In your Google Search Console (formerly known as the Webmasters Tools), you will see a manual penalty notification


SEO Zealand has helped companies rebound from negative changes in algorithms. We have helped companies to restore their search engine rankings so that they can work as usual with business.

Not to worry. We can help.


We will look over your site and determine the best way to help you recover from Penguin or Panda damage or any other algorithm.

Take a look at some of the most powerful tips to recover from a devastating change in algorithm …


1. De-optimization website

After many clients have recovered from the notorious effects of an algorithm change, we found that many of our clients have totally over-optimized their website.

If you’re playing the Search Engine rankings game, you must keep up with all the changes.

Keep up with changes to the Internet

Maintain your site updated


In the old, bad days, optimisation (stuffing keywords) was the way to play the system. But we’re talking 10 more years ago.


Nowadays, Google is much more sophisticated. Now it’s all about user experience and quality.


Think about it from Google ‘s perspective for a minute. Their entire philosophy is to give searchers the most relevant content after making money. That’s their task. Just because your website has a million backlinks, Google won’t show your site if it doesn’t reply. You would prefer to show a site with high-quality content and perhaps only 2 backlinks.


We can determine whether your website is over optimised. The naked eye doesn’t always see it.


2. Increase the quality of your website links

Today, quality backlinks link the amount by leaps and bounds. There have been times in the recent past when you could put hundreds of thousands of spammy backlinks on your website and place your search engines high for any keyword phrase you choose.

These days are over. These days are over. It’s all about quality over quantity these days


You’re beginning to see a theme, I guess?


Is your website full of spammy backlinks? If so, you must do two things in the best possible way to recover. They are as follows:


Increase the number of quality backlinks to your website. This will help to improve your keyword rankings immediately.

Reduce the number of spammy backlinks to your website. This will further help you because it will remove some of the negative links that hurt your rankings.

You could have hired a search engine optimisation expert in the past, we understand. You might have spammed the crap with awful links out of your website and now you hesitate to spend more money and make further changes.


Unfortunately, you have hired a company that doesn’t follow Google’s latest trends. You hired a flash in the fly-by-night organisation, which wanted your money. You could help you, but you had to pay more than you had to build your brand and sustainable search engine rankings. They took your money, gave it to an Indian or Philippine offshore SEO, kept the rest for themselves while they were sitting down having great time in your money. In the meantime, all the spammy connexions these offshore SEOs built into your site are ready to be installed and waited for the next Google algorithm update to override your site rankings.


For many years we’ve been around. We have many happy clients. We have helped business owners of all kinds and we have taken them from relative obscurity on the Internet and established them in their markets as dominant players.


If you like Panda or Penguin to recover,

And isolate your website in order to avoid any major problems

Again negative effects

Give us an ASAP Ring To Plan a Free Consultation

3. Enhance Natural Link Anchor Text

Here’s another memory lane walk down, or a Google history lesson …

In the not too distant past, the way your website or webpages were classified highly for a certain keyword sentence was to build backlinks to this certain anchor text and point it back to the website or page as often as possible.


There was a time when exact matching anchor text was recommended 90 % of the time. Well, those days are long gone, as you can think, and recent changes in algorithms have hurt any website that has an exact 90% or similar match for the anchor text.


Actually, Google’s current trend is simple …


Your anchor text must be as natural as possible to sustain high search engine rankings. You can have the specific keyword phrase in the anchor text-and it is recommended that it is-but it is also important to add other words so that it looks as natural as possible.


Here’s an instance …


Let ‘s say that you want to rank in the “Gold Coast Plumber” keyword phrase.


If you build back links to the site, you would benefit much more by using natural phrases like “the best Gold Coast plumber in the business,” “our favourite plumbers on the Gold Coast” and something similar instead of using the accurate match phrase “Gold Coast plumber”


If you feel overwhelmed after reading the tips for recovery of Penguin and Panda, don’t despair. We are ready and willing to help.


Panda Algorithm Beating: Tips


The first update of the Panda algorithm came in February 2011, and basically tried to remove sites of low, fine or spammy quality. Websites without a useful experience for visitors or places where shady or dubious SEO tactics are used. On the other hand, sites of high quality that their visitors liked to share would be rewarded with higher rankings.


Recovery of Panda Penalty


The main purpose of this article is to give you quick victories, certain things that you can do to improve your website and ranking to get your traffic back and put it under the banner “User Experience.”


Rank of SEO

Get back your rankings


What happens when someone arrives on your website is user experience. Factors to be examined include;


Navigating your websites – is it easy or difficult to access your website’s internal pages?

How many pages do your visitors read on average?

The longer the better, the more time on site

Bounce rate – the lower the better – a high bounce rate shows that your visitors have not found what they expect

You can find some of this information in your Google Analytics account. It’s a good idea to regularly examine the statistics found here to get an idea of visitor activity. When you write interesting, engaging and high-quality content for your blog, for example, does your bounce rate decrease? You may be on the right track if you do.


Static elements of your sites

Even your static pages must be high-quality, original content. The type of pages I am discussing is;


Data Protection Policy

Page Contact

About Page About

Service terms

Make sure that you have original privacy and service pages. Don’t use generic internet pages you’ve found. Your contact and information pages are highly sought after by people who want to do business with you, because they want to know who you are and who you can trust. With your photos and your team as well as all the business contact information that your potential customer wants, you need to make these pages high quality. Don’t make it hard to find this information.


Quality of code

We often find site with very poor error-controlled coding. Any broken code must be fixed; i.e. html errors or php errors. Go to your Google Search Console account to fix any problems with your web developer.


Quality guaranteed

Top quality is guaranteed!


Load Speed Page

The loading speed of the page is critical. If you think of it from the point of view of “user experience,” a website which takes too long to open is ignored and the search engine is continuous. Enter the PageSpeed Insights tool of Google’s URL of your site and see what Google says about your site. The tool gives you a score for desktop and mobile devices, as every website should be today when your Website becomes “mobile friendly” or responsive. You may need to consider better , faster hosting if your loading score is low.


Maintain your site up to date

A static site which is never updated can be ranked by new competitors in your field; i.e. sites that have fresh, attractive and quality content which are of interest to the visitors of this site.


A site that receives new content, say in the form of a blog, has people commenting and sharing via the site’s Social Media buttons, is probably a site that was not updated since it was built.


To learn more about Panda penalty recovery, call SEO Gold Coast 1300 885 487 to discuss your options.


See what Google’s Matt Cutts’s Panda penalties have to say;