To triple your bloggings marketing performance, follow these three guidelines:

An amazing yet easy way to make your name more well-known is right under your nose: using your name. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you established a reputation as an expert in your target market?

By using tried-and-and-true internet marketing tested techniques, you can easily achieve both of these results.


The internet is about getting your information out to people and online marketing is about using the information to increase your profits. The ease of use of linking and sharing on the Internet has kept many of your customers, as well as new prospects, aware of your brand and has made online promotion like article marketing more successful.


The problems for many businesses that don’t take advantage of marketing creativity are twofold: first, they usually cannot identify it, and second, they don’t apply it correctly. The latest Google algorithm improvements have been devised for websites and search engine marketers who have always used this influential promotion inappropriately.


Similarly, on February 6th of this year, when Google released the Farmer/Panda Update, some of the most impacted websites were article directories. Most of the content produced on these websites was of questionable quality, but some was subpar.” There was such an uproar about the following the update to article submission sites that many believed the end of article marketing was nigh.

But instead of blindly troweling, the majority of the article directories have instituted new policies. Ultimately, these latest changes to the Panda and Penguin algorithms have forced webmasters and content marketers to increase their level of ethicality in writing and promotion. Using articles on your website as part of your marketing plan to attract traffic, growing brand recognition, and enhancing search engine optimization are all critical today.


Therefore, if you want to be effective with your article marketing, you mustn’t forget the essentials. Knowing your target market would help you use the most of your article marketing.


Get the WHY the user is searching Correct

I am making reference to this. Not only as an online marketer, but even because of your own preferences for writing and submitting your best articles to article directories instead of having them on your own web site or blog, you must write and send some of your best pieces to various online outlets. People could use these as: (1) developing their skills; (2) attracting potential customers; and (3) to promote your company.

You’ve given solid reasons for doing so. Your article gives you more authority in your niche, resulting in more business. However, sadly, a large numbers of article writers allow these motivations to obscure the true motives for their work, and they write the article in that fashion. To be a great extent, you have to empathize with the topic. Additionally, your writing serves the important function of INFORMING your readers!


Your reader is concerned about getting something in return for his time and effort. He doesn’t find you sexy. He’s not eager to read it unless he believes it would benefit him. As far as he’s concerned, the article is just concerned with the money and power that he can derive from it


If you need to meet all three of your goals, then you must be able to make the reader happy. To successfully develop, you must need expertise. When writing your posts, make sure that you have quality material that appeals to your readers and includes the necessary details they need.


It is true that a large number of sites today’s online content writers desire to use software to generate and submit articles to article directories to promote, but this approach can only hurt your progress. If your article hasn’t already attracted the reader, you would have failed.


To increase reader interest, concentrate on providing outstanding content for the article directories.


Maximize the Gains of Your Article Marketing Effort

As we have said above, article marketing is a powerful promotional tool. In fact, many write articles only because of this. But the marketing gains go beyond this. An expertly written article with the right keywords in the right place will help you get more visitors from the search engines since your sites search engine rankings will improve as a result of the back links generated from the article. of course not all article directories allow it but with those that allow it, you can gain more rankings by linking specific keywords/phrases back to your website or blog.

Besides, one of the greatest reasons why you should write top notch articles for the directories is the fact that many ezine and website publishers would readily pick up your article and publish same in their ezines or on sites. This could result in a deluge of traffic to your site. Getting published in ezines and other websites can really help you leverage other brands because of the quality of your work.

The marketing lesson here therefore is, always pack your article full with the right content that will entice other online publishers to want to use it in their sites and ezines.

Be Mindful Of the Rules

Do you just write for search engine optimization (SEO’s sake?) No, you’re just interested in creating backlinks, right?

Automated software is disappointing since it can only be used to increase the search engine rank and no other considerations are given to the user’s desires and needs. But doing this would only ruin your attempts to spread the word about your articles Actually, here’s something: It has been said that if you eat junk for two weeks and then exercise with good technique, you’ll gain a pound a week. The thing is, you can put on weight if you do any one of those things with poor technique. It’s important to know if an article bank or directory would approve your content before submitting it to it. Most often, they have requirements and rules on the publications they can approve.


Your article could get read, but few people will follow the links in it to your site and visit your articles


The best approach is to take advantage of article directories and submit your papers that are more likely to be accepted. You must follow the regular style guide rules, such as ensuring words are spelt correctly. Also, investigate an appropriate subject. Often you might need to find a writer to create good marketing material.


It’s easier to publish your papers in as many directories as people are eager to connect to them. With one publication that has a thousand readers, all you need is a thousand followers to become a celebrity overnight.


Ultimately, it is just a matter of your preference. As your site gets a little more connections, you should be getting some attention back; it is no big deal. Take a little more time to create better content and get attention.



Pushing your brand awareness and generating targeted traffic using article marketing is something you must consider if you want to take advantage of content marketing. However, to make this work for you, you simply need to look beyond your selfish reasons and write articles that will be useful to the readers and accepted by the article directories. Get it right and you’ll reap the great gains of article marketing.