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Sites Ranking # 1 Since 2012


SEO Zealand, a digital advertising company in the neighbourhood part of Mebsites SEO, helps local companies succeed. We lived locally because of the Austin region of 2008 and 95% of our clients. We know that the Austin and understand what it takes to help our customers to thrive successfully.

Hundreds of email and telephone calls were likely received from every search engine optimization company in Australia and India. They all strengthen Google’s number one spot. Every customer we accept comes to us by searching Google. That’s what you can do when you take up the net. A number of our long-term customers have come to us with a difficult company and thrived on our support.

We are a native optimization search engine expert who knows the local market. If you too are looking for a near-by New Zealand SEO agency, you are at the perfect location.

We are more likely to spread the results. OUR FULL CLIENTS! SO HOW DOES SEO WORK?

At SEO Zealand we know that the optimization of search engines for various businesses is different. We take into consideration:

Your customers’ geographical location. Is it possible for them to come from your suburb, the Auckland, New Zealand or the whole world?
Client’s demographics, age, interests, sex, income etc.
The most powerful keywords to give your website the most traffic. You love to have those customers around. (Maybe not the cheap, grumpy ones who mock every dollar they spend!)
How many competitions and how powerful are these competitors on your selected market.
We also know that local companies in Auckland can be tough, but we know that over 80 % of people are searching for goods and services online. If you are not on Google and You Tube’s first page, 80% of potential new customers are missing. Call SEO Zealand now and we’ll evaluate your unique situation. Then we will develop the best possible strategy for your company.

We speak your language. 

Two crucial factors often overlooked in rank conversation are site design and search-engine structure. In fact , companies struggling to create it online typically suffer in both areas. Your website is not user-friendly and your website structure is not properly set up for optimum ranking. You will need to make sure that your material is readily available, participative and unique. We will be happy to help you resolve these problems, so focus on how we develop a perfectly optimised website.

Hyper importance — a particular topic should be focused on each web page. For example, a webpage can only focus on a single object or product.

Include the theme of the content in addition to the keyword phrases from the title tag.

Include the content topic in the URL, such as keyword phrases.

Include the field in the alt text image, such as keyword phrases.

Be sure that the content is compelling and unique when you write about a particular topic.

Have an internal connexion going to the class page.

If applicable, have an internal connexion to the subcategory page.

Have a connexion to the homepage internally.

This is how you can optimise a website.


To the extent that website design is concerned …


Without a properly designed site, the interest of possible customers will remain difficult. People want to check at attractive places that are easy to use. You need menus (navigation) that are easy to follow and you want to find what you’re looking for on your website as easily as possible. The principle is that a visitor should be able with two clicks to discover all your contents.


We can help with web design of quality.


By combining our web design skills and improved web optimisation skills, we helped many of our customers achieve their goals online faster than they expected. Never reject website structure and web design.


There are sites that NEVER rank because of their structure.


Web designers can tell you, but they don’t know


We review websites that are structured to rank in Google as SEO professionals

Are you looking for total domination of the market?
Remember how we found Google isn’t our friend earlier? Since the Big G will obviously do what they like, it is a safe way to make your organisation vulnerable to the latest algorithm updates to rely solely on search engines and organic positions. However much we want to inform you that we understand all this and that a ranking upgrade will not ever impact your site, that is just not the case. We do not want to begin our partnership by lied to you, so recognise that we will do our best to keep you at the highest search engine, but it can not be assured forever with the advantages and disadvantages of search engine algorithms. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong. They are responsible for our success, but they are not our only channel for site traffic. This is why management of pay per click (PPC) enters the picture. As a local business owner, you must access as many visitors as possible and do so in a limited time frame. And to achieve maximum success, pay-per-click is a great way to enormously expand your reach.

That’s all it’s about? You are looking to expand your organisation and it doesn’t really matter how you achieve this result. As long as it works.


With our search engine optimization services, we offer expert pay per click management solutions. However, most of our customers use these two services manually.


Our solutions for PPC management include:


Defining a campaign plan — we will put together all necessary publicity collections for your own campaigns after your accounts are fully installed.

Keyword research & keyword choice — it’s about finding your specialty ‘s best keyword phrases at this point in the game. All keyword phrases we feel are most relevant to your niche are handpicked.

Professional ad copies — we also offer effective, persuasive and customised advertising texts and creativity as your pay per click strategy evolves. We will draw your attention and potential customers. This is ideal for those who try to increase ROI and convert.

Optimization of the landing page — we examine all landing pages thoroughly. This helps us to choose the ideal destination for your customers.

Tracking & Conversions — we have custom and proprietary tools that we use to properly track PPC advertising online. We can find out which creative people, keywords and ads work. We’re going to push the winners and kill the winners. This is the way to optimise a campaign properly.

PPC submissions — we will submit for your benefit all keywords and creative materials. We will always update and modify your campaigns as we conduct campaigns and sort information.

Assessments and recommendations — we will begin to observe successful failures and trends after conducting your PPC campaigns for a short time. We will be able to obtain simple recommendations based on the information we have gathered.

PPC reports — for each of your pay campaigns, we’ll provide analyses and reports. This will allow you to see where you are successful and show those areas that are not as profitable. Use these reports and information to optimise your payroll per click.

Social Media Marketing And Your Organization
Social Media is more important than many local small business owners give it credit. For example an active Facebook page may not directly create sales (even though it might – more on that in a bit) but it may help to influence purchasing decisions. People visiting your site seeking to work with you are more likely than ever to do a little bit of extra research. They’ll take a look at your”about” page, your testimonials and lastly in the event you’ve got social media links they may have a look at your own Facebook page.

Our FB optimization services and Facebook marketing might well be the difference that makes the difference to your internet sales.


Make My Website Rank Number One

Would you like to ring your phone with new sales leads? SEO Zealand has over a decade of proven experience in search engine websites. Remember, people almost exclusively search the world wide web nowadays. If you don’t see your business website at Google’s top, your company is irrelevant. Very good strategies for optimising search engines are a crucial element of your long-term success.
SEO works by itself if you give it time. It’s a long process. If you just think about optimising search engines in the short term, we recommend that SEO and adwords are the best approach for SEO (later).


Has a disgruntled former employee or reckless customer taken to social media and your reputation ruined? Has this led to income falling through the floor?

If these negative online results damage your organisation, we can push them away from the first page, which nobody can view.

When you have multiple review websites such as Yelp, Facebook, Google My Business, Scam Watch, Directorytexas, the dreaded Rip Off Report etc, combined with people ready to say everything online, your smallest support problem could have disastrous consequences for your business or even yourself.

If your reputation online is already sullied, you can’t do much about it.

It’s expensive and could never happen. You’ll never find the web (Google) forgotten. When the site uses the negative review, it will remain indefinitely in Google’s index.

The only strategy that works is to spoil Google’s negative search findings on page 3 or 2. Call our search engine optimization experts to decide if you are eligible for help.


I believe that people who are seeking your services fall into three categories;

Some people just click on ads on the highest search results

Some people just click on organic results (for example , local maps aka three packages)

Some people don’t understand what they click on, but they will continue to click until they find what they are looking for

Whether you tried Google Adwords before, failed or never tried and wondered, please. It is only by testing a well-established and ordered Adwords campaign that you will know if it will work for you.


Has your website for no reason lost its ranking and no longer number one? SEO Zealand is going to help your site recover. SEO experts can hope to keep Google’s algorithms up to date. Optimizing the search engine is a mining field and you will not understand what will activate your website penalty. Check our penalty recovery services if another SEO expert has ruined your rankings in Google.


Today’s Critical Ranking Factors

Two crucial factors often overlooked in rank conversation are site design and search-engine structure. Actually, businesses that struggle to create it online suffer these areas in both. Their website isn’t user and their website structure isn’t set up for rankings. You will need to make certain that your content is easily available, is engaging and unique.We would love to assist you fix these issues, so focus on our formulation for a perfectly optimized site.

Hyper relevance — a particular topic should be concentrated on each web page. For example, a page could focus on a particular object or product.
In addition to the relevant keyword phrases, include the subject of the contents in the title tag.
Include the content subject in the URL, including the corresponding keyword phrases.
Include the topic in the alt text image, including the relevant keyword phrases.
Be sure that the content is compelling and unique when writing about a particular subject.
Go to the category page for an internal link.
If applicable, have an internal connexion to the subcategory page.
Visit the homepage with an internal link.
This is intended to optimise a website. This gives you the best opportunity to achieve a first page ranking in combination with other relevant search engine optimization factors.

Without a properly designed website, the interest of possible customers will remain difficult. People want to check on easy-to-use sites. The principle is that a visitor can discover your entire content.

We will help you improve your clicking and specialising in this field.


We have helped a number of our customers reach their objectives more quickly online than anticipated through the combination of optimisation skills and web design capabilities. Never reject web design and structure of websites. This is important for your success.


We have recognised that the ranking of new sites has been increasingly challenging since midday because we pay attention to exactly what search engines can do. Many people wonder if Google has made another change. We have scanned the internet and used our experience based information. These upgrades make the first page of your search engine results (SERPs) much more difficult to crack. Keep this in mind, please. Now that we have found out exactly what Google is going to do, we can think of a solution to record page listings in no time.

Curious about updates to the algorithm? Here’s a look at the details we uncovered …

Google ‘s up to its old tricks. They update their algorithms to maintain SEOs and Internet strategists. They knock on the competition and they frighten those who can not cope with the emotional rankings. But each upgrade is based on identifiable and concrete variables and it is possible to unlock when you have the tools and time. Note: if you believe that a Google algorithm update has been subjected to-perhaps your inquiries and sales have suddenly dried up-it ‘s important to take a look at this link.

Changes to the two updates include:

Yes, that’s true. Yes. Based on our private experience and the information we have collected from related Internet marketing fora and mindset, Google points to a new page delay. This philtre was added back to them. If you start up or add content pages to your site , please put these pages in order in niches and it will take a month to complete it. It was even less or as fast as a week in previous years. We wonder if it could be a penalty on backlinks or if it is some kind of penalty on the website. This has a major impact on websites or websites. To achieve online visibility, you want a long-term strategy. We’ll get you, but it will take you to start to see the results of our work. We’ll get you on the Google rankings top page. It’s time, patience and determination!

The profile connected to the guide will probably take the picture, although, for example , the article will show the GMB photo on the website. In essence, Google did this to generate visitors and that is a way.

What type of impact is the search marketing algorithm for both SEO Engine?


Last but not least, here’s what we boiled it down to …


But it also shows that they will focus on brands and forget the little man. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It means they are focused on larger authority websites and pay attention to sites starting 23rd, 2012.


To do this, they are ready to sacrifice the quality of the results of the search engine.


This increasingly shows that Google isn’t our friend. They do everything they can to help their businesses, even at the expense of millions of other companies worldwide. You’re not here to help you. They are. They are. Please note that Google is not on your side. They are used by us and we are used by them. But don’t ignore Google’s steam roll over you if it benefits your company without considering it.


For the year, we realised that relying solely on Google for visitors is stupid. They could immediately wipe you out, and you don’t care how large and powerful; in 2011, ezinearticles.com was removed with a Panda upgrade and dropped 90 percent of visibility overnight.

Some of you may have heard of us, but as it’s so new on the web online there. You’ve probably got it. You wonder how these changes affect your website and your presence.
He believed that the wide web would end up organising itself in all its infinite wisdom. He believes that people will complete these activities in order to help everyone for the good that they often have. As most of us know, things have not always been done in this way. Human interaction certainly plays a part in how the web is structured, but it does not necessarily happen to the common good if people take action. They take these activities into their own interests and agendas. The good is a hindsight. This is the essence of search marketing, which is the absolute future. Here’s a fantastic thing about it … Since we know this thoroughly, we can also understand how to dominate it. It will separate those serious about building an Internet company from those who look at it. Our success recipe includes:

Complete the Web with huge quantities of quality content. This content must be valuable and knowledgeable in terms of information. It needs to help those who read everything.

Social networking in the semantic web plays an important role. Use it to create interest in your services , products and business information. You want people to talk to you and your organisation. This creates a fantastic snowball effect. For this area of strategy, social media is powerful. Make sure you enjoy, share and +1′ on social networking channels linked to your company.

A strong presence of social media is vital to conquering the semantic web. This allows you to engage thoroughly with customers and prospects. By sharing content and updating your network accounts, you can do this. Make sure that all the information you share is somehow valuable. Funny is one way so you won’t have any trouble if you can consist of comedy! That’s the web’s great thing. Everything is linked and creates a significant shield for all your valuable Internet assets ( i.e. blogs, social networking accounts, etc.) and enables all those valuable channels to be highly ranked in search engines.

By using the semantic web fully and following the guidelines, you will have no option but to become the biggest authority in your own market. You will be the business leader and your area that all respect and love.

We know it’s a lot. No one can do all that, but if a group of professionals work to help your organisation dominate, you can’t help but succeed.

Everyone would like their Google rankings to be improved. In addition to fantastic pages, our recipe for web beatings is the Internet in general! But as part of their subject, we wanted to focus on engagement. Google and the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo want their customers to have a fantastic experience. They must present results that are relevant to their customers on sites that are user-friendly.
You will begin to classify your results pages. Social signs are now part of classification algorithms. The search engines look for considerable amounts of social signals to find the contents people like most. As an example, if you posted an article on your site with a Facebook base of 2000, 150 pluses for Google and many shares through other social networking stations, the chances are certainly for you that the content will rank highly in your favour. The search engines – especially Google – will take up all your social media activities and realise that your content deserves a list at the top of the search engines.

Engagement is essential for search engine rankings and can, as you can see, mean the difference between failure and success. Create interesting articles that your customers love. Not only can your client base grow, your organisation will face the prospects and finally become profit.


You might say that what you could write about is awkward. The people who seek services or your goods are interested in what you have to say. Say it! Say it!

Ultimately, success with the optimization of search engines and PPC marketing is easier than you think, as long as an expert like SEO Zealand Digital leads the way. We want to be your online marketing expert, so call us directly and schedule a 40 minute digital consulting service free of charge.

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